Fairytale roundtrip, Ortnevik


The trip starts from the touristinformation in Balestrand. From Balestrand, we go west on the Sognefjord towards Høyanger. On the way we pass the small villages along the fjord with culture and industry. Some of them are even roadless. When we arrive Høyanger, a green-industy village, we have a stop and take on board more passangers. From here we cross the deepest part of the fjord before arriving Ortnevik. This is a village of just 25 inhabitants. We will og on land here to have a look at the largest land based halibut fishfarm in the world. It is a 10000m2 farm, and they produce 600 ton food fish every year, sold under the name Glitne.

We will also visit a park of wood art based on Norse and viking culture, including what is probably the smallest stavechurch in the world. The park is on located on the artists farm, and we will be guided by him. Before returning to Balestrand, we have a short stop on the beutiful and narrow fjordarm Finnabottn, surronded by steep mountains that plunges stright to the fjord. In Balestrand we will see the artist villas and Kviknes hotel from the fjordside.

Busdrive back to Høyanger included in the price.

Duration: Proxomatly 3,5 hours