Balestrand fjord sightseeing trip

The tour starts at the touristinformation in Balestrand. First stop is Esebottn. This is one of the most painted wievs in Europe. Then we are heading for the mighty Kvinafossen, a waterfall that falls 120 meters straight down. We stop here and take some time to enjoy the sights and to take photograps. From here the trip goes to Vangsnes on the other side of the fjord with a great view of the Fridtjov statue and then towards to the island of Kvamsøy. This is a small island on a shallow bay -it is said that it was common to stop here to wait for the weather to change. It was also a trading post. The island is also thought to be the smallest in the world with a church. More details about the church here. On the return we will follow the shoreline towards Balestrand and see the dragon and Swiss style villas ,which is Balestrand is known for, from the sea side before returning to Balestrand harbour. DAILY DEPARTURE AT 13.00. The trip must be booked. Meetingspot at the touristinformation in Balestrand. The trip takes about 1h 20min.  Price nok 750 pr.person under 15.

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We offer Daily trips to the famous and beautiful Nærøyfjord. The trip will take in total approx. 2,5 hours. The Nærøyfjord is probably one of the most famous fjords in Norway. The trip towards the Nærøyfjord starts in Balestrand situated along the wide Sognefjord. When we travel up the fjord the steep mountains come closer to the fjord shores and when we enter the fjord you will probably understand why it is called the most narrow fjord in the world. Cascading waterfalls, lush green dots of farmland around the shores gives you a feeling that you are surrounded by magnificent nature. We will explore the fjord and usually we will meet wildlife on our way like, eagles, dolphins, otters, and seals. But no guarantee is made…It’s nature after all.   Meetingpiont: Touristinformation in Balestrand 08:45

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